New Video By Judah Holiday “All That I Got Tonight”

Growing up in the Bronx, Daniel Pulver – known to the world as Judah Holiday – began playing drums at age seven, then moved on to guitar to explore his natural affinity for melody. He wrote his first song when he was 14, and began gigging at iconic Lower East Side venues like CBGB Gallery, Crash Manion, 169 Bar, and Recoup Lounge.

NYC was a great place to come up, but in 2011, Judah Holiday made his way south to Miami. Living in Miami ignited a fascination with electronic dance music, and he soon immersed himself in studying production and introduced a whole new vitality into his sound. Soon after, he crossed paths with Rudolf, after serendipitously buying a guitar from his fellow New York native. “I played him some acoustic versions of songs of mine, and he ended up digging them, and now we work together almost every day,” Holiday says.

Judah Holiday creates music that’s rooted in classic artists like James Taylor and Neil Young, as well as modern masters Gavin Degraw, Mat Kearney, and Coldplay. His forthcoming debut LP is full of infectious melodies and hypnotic beats, with a warm and breezy sound that’s instantly euphoric.

“Will Dance For Good Vibes.” That’s the message of Holiday’s latest offering, “All That I Got Tonight.” It’s a perfect example of his unflinching honesty and life-affirming lyrics. The verses showcase his sentimental and heartfelt singer-writer side, while the choruses are backed by a beat that pays homage to the dance music of Miami. On screen, he’s joined by a special someone; the clip opens up to an overhead shot of the two of them with headphones on, lost in their favorite music. Holiday sings the words as his leading lady rips pages out of a magazine. A homeless man dances with a boombox, and soon, we’re taken to an outdoor dance party, where people of all backgrounds come together for a good time.