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Don Broco & friends unleash explosive new video ‘Action’

‘Action’ is the perfect representation of everything that Don Broco are about – powerful tunes and inextinguishable good vibes. It’s crammed full of big riffs and even bigger hooks, laced with their signature British swagger spilling out of every note.

Smash Into Pieces, new video Arcadia!

“Arcadia is the game known to us as our reality. We don’t question the playground we’re living in, we’re not aware of the code that rules our lives. We’re just NPCs, controlled by the Arcadia player.”

Ras Kass Releases Long-Awaited Album “Soul On Ice 2”

It’s been nearly a quarter century since Soul of Ice and they still can’t handle the truth. In fact, the intervening decades since Ras Kass dropped his classic debut have only validated the poisonous and panoramic vision of the waterproof MC, who was immediately hailed as the West Coast’s answer to Nas. And with the nature of the threat growing more real by the minute, there couldn’t be a more necessary time for Soul on Ice 2.

Gav Brown – “Road Less Travelled”

“It’s awesome stuff. I began to play the album on Thursday and will continue to promote. There are some amazingly technically perfect songs like “Nashville” and “Railroad Track.” I chose, however, “Mood for Love” to lead off with as it has the same underlying audiological draw for me as “Greatest Player.” You sound more relaxed and certain of your incredible talent on this latest work. Having said that- the same characteristic vocals and same smoking hot lead and sax are working their magic here, just as on the first release. From a strictly radio standpoint- give me 50 albums a month like this and I’ll be quite satisfied, indeed.”

Vokonis releases Grasping Time

Vokonis just got in at the deep end of the heavy progressive realm. With their new album, “Grasping Time”, Vokonis debut dual vocals, greater dynamic shifts and heavier, more complex songs. “Grasping Time” is the third album from the Swedish heavy prog-metal trio. The new album makes Vokonis blossom as a progressive beast, and the album tracks are drenched in blasting distortion, melody, and menace. The title track and digital single “Grasping Time” have since its release been heavily playlisted by Spotify and the band have reached a new audience. Vokonis third album is a milestone.

NEMESIS ALPHA Release New Single ‘System Override’

US melodic death metal group Nemesis Alpha have released their latest single from their forthcoming album Eternal Machines due out via Sliptrick Records on September 13th.

Here’s what the band had to say about the track System Override; “The song follows the overall concept of the album, being the transitional moment when we as humans realize that our creations and technology truly have surpassed us. The entire system which we have become accustomed to, including the luxuries like electricity, cell service and communication, are stripped and people are left wondering how to survive. It is the point on the album when society as we know it begins to shut down and the real chaos begins.”

New Music // Naaz – damage :(

Naaz today returns with her most stirring & personal single to date, damage :(. It explores the darkness and the light that lives within, simultaneously. The new single also comes with the news of a brand new EP coming titled the beautiful struggle which sees Naaz at her most vulnerable yet somehow uplifting self. It’s powerful coming-of-age stuff.

WATCH & SMILE: FUZZY SUN’s DAYLIGHT DISCO opens it’s doors in the feelgood video for their latest single: ‘I AIN’T RIGHT’

“Fizzing electro-pop, often twisting and turning in unexpected directions.” – NME

RottenDawn: Debut album ‘Occult’ by doom/death group out via Saturnal Records

RottenDawn’s debut album, Occult, comes today via Saturnal Records on CD and digital formats. Having the current and the former members of Imapled Nazarene, Abhorrence and Unholy, the Helsinki based squad play dark, harmonic doom and death metal.

Impaled Nazarenesta ja Unholysta tuttujen miesten Rottendawnin levy ulkona perjantaina – kuuntele albumi ennakkoon jo nyt!

Miss June release debut album ‘Bad Luck Party’ on Frenchkiss Records | UK tour starts end of the month

Today, New Zealand’s Miss June release their debut album, Bad Luck Party, via Frenchkiss Records. Raised in the embers of punk rock and described as “some unholy union between Sonic Youth and Le Tigre,” the Auckland four piece harness jagged, noisy guitars filtered through the unrivalled stage presence of Amanda Liddell, guitarist Jun Park, bass player Chris Marshall and drummer Tom Leggett.


“A strong contender for the next to blow” – Trench
“The pick of the streets right now”- FACT
“You need to know K-Trap” – Crack

ORKID – “Get to Know U” – New Release

“Get To Know U” is no perfect fairytale romance, it’s all about you and your needs and having only one thing in mind. You got your own shit together, you’re out having a good time, pulling bad pick up lines, acting dumb, having fun, doing you” – ORKID on her new single “Get to Know You”

Moon Panda release mind-bending video for “On The Attack” | Announce debut EP “Pastel Pools”

“Sounds like: St. Vincent, The National…dreamy instrumental …sharp, catchy synths” – Indie Shuffle

“Deliciously woozy…a sound that nestles nicely between the likes of Tame Impala and Beach House” – KALTBLUT

Young Clancy releases new single ‘Level’ | ‘Vol. II’ EP due out 4th October

Toronto-based singer/songwriter/producer Young Clancy has released a new single, “Level”, ahead of his upcoming EP. As a whole, Vol. II is an exploration of a modern and fractured masculine perspective, with each of the individual songs reaching for love and hope over emptiness.

New music: Rising Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss releases brand new single ‘Criminal To Love’ today

Rising Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss releases her brand new single ‘Criminal To Love’ on September 6th. A song about the destructiveness of certain relationships, personified. She brings a depth of understanding to the subject far beyond her 19 years.