EMMA FRANK Shares New Video ‘Before You Go Away’ + Live Dates       

Initially accounting a breakdown in communication with her father, “Before You Go Away” began as an ode to a dysfunctional relationship but ended as a helping hand to finding strength in weakness. Emma says, “I wrote this song, initially, to my father. Our communication was really breaking down, and I had trouble talking to him without getting upset at something he said.” Once in the studio, Emma realized, “I needed to come back to the moment, come back to the light. I needed to let joy and light in, and to let those negative voices go.”

Emma has a sound so multifaceted it intertwines folk, R&B, and even jazz to create shifting tempos and winding melodies that are poignant, propelling and all-engulfing. She introduced Come Back with striking track “I Thought,” along with a stunning video directed by visual artist Ayo Tsalithaba filmed in the suburbs of Toronto. She followed that with a gorgeously sparse cover of Wilco’s “Either Way.”

Emma Frank Tour Dates:
Fri, Sept 6 Brooklyn, NY @ The Knitting Factory (Album Release Show)
Mon, Sept 14 Paris, France @ Ducs des Lombards
Sun, Sept 15 London, England @Kansas Smitty’s
Tue, Sept 17 Berlin, Germany @ Quasimodo
Sun, Oct 6 Cambridge, MA @ Club Passim
Tue, Oct 8 Burlington, VT @ The Lamp Shop
Wed, Oct 9 Montreal, QC @ Café Resonance
Fri, Oct 11 Wakefield, QC @ Black Sheep Inn
Sat, Oct 12 Toronto, ON @ Burdock Music Hall