Live Casino vs Online Casino vs Offline Casinos

Since Casinos emerged in the late 1800s, gamblers of all sorts have been flocking to hedge their bets and try to scoop a jackpot. Through the means of slots, poker, roulette and many other varieties there have been punters who became millionaires overnight but also those who have had huge losses. Now the casino has developed far beyond its four walls and even though we find them all over the world, we also find them on an online platform. The online world has opened up a lot of doors for the gambling world, from apps to live casino games there are many different ways gamblers can play their beloved games these days.

There are three popular ways in which to enjoy the casino these days, all three have different positives and negatives assigned to them. Here you can discover the differences between each of them and find out which style of casino suits you best.

Offline Casino

When you refer to a casino you will more than likely be talking about an offline casino, which is basically just a way to distinguish a brick-and-mortar casino compared to online and live casinos. A traditional casino is still a great way to play games and win some money.

For decades, people have flocked from all over the world to visit Las Vegas, one of the most densely casino populated cities. With 104 casinos to choose from that have extravagant extras such as zip-lines and rollercoasters, Las Vegas is host to some of the most popular and famous casinos in the world.

As much as technology advances and brings us a casino at our fingertips, the atmospheres you get in a casino are unbeatable. The anticipation, the excitement and the feel of holding your cards or chips… it’s something you can’t get anywhere else. As much as people may love the idea of a casino in their home environment, true gamers and gamblers will always love the idea of heading off to a casino.

Online Casino

An online casino helps bring casino games into the player’s home. An online casino, based on the internet, allows you to access many different casinos from the same location. Using a casino online means you don’t have the worry of losing your cash as it is all exchanged electronically.

Since casinos developed online there have been hundreds of different companies popping up, offering introductory offers or free bets – an online casino is one of the best places to get into online gambling. Of course the biggest selling point of an online casino vs offline is the convenience. Simply connect any device to the internet and away you go, whether this be through a web page or an installed app.

Online casinos aren’t quite the same as the real deal though, they don’t emulate the same satisfactory sensations, there’s no conversation (unless you talk to yourself) and you’ll probably end up putting something on your TV too for some background noise.

Live Casino

This is where things get exciting, live casino is the perfect combination between online and offline. With live casino, you still have the convenience of logging on anywhere either out and about or in the comfort of your home but you have a better visual experience.

Instead of watching a computer like you would in online casino, with live casino you can watch a live roulette wheel spin around and wait for the number to be selected. Live casino allows you to converse with other players and see them too – if webcams are enabled. Live casino is ideal for those who still want a sociable experience but from the comfort of their home.