4 Great Instruments for Preschoolers to Start With

Music can be highly beneficial for a child’s development. Cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills can all be developed better when children include music education in their curriculum. Starting children in music early is especially advantageous, and certain instruments are particularly suitable for preschool-aged children. Here are four great instruments that can help preschoolers get a good start in music.

These handheld shakers are often used in Caribbean, Latin and other worldly music to help create rhythms. Shaking is one of the easiest actions for young children to perform, and preschoolers can learn the fundamentals of following a beat with the use of maracas. Maracas are usually used in pairs and have handles that are easy for little hands to grasp. Maracas are also sometimes painted with colorful designs that can be even more appealing for kids.

Preschoolers will likely be as amused by this instrument’s funny name as they will be when playing it. A xylophone consists of a frame with wooden bars that make certain musical notes when struck by a mallet. Kids can learn songs and create their own music easily with this instrument. Color coding on the blocks is often used to make learning notes and playing the right sounds easier.

Even little ones can learn to play guitar well from an early age. There are child-sized acoustic and electric guitars available that are perfectly suitable for preschoolers. Chord progressions and correct finger placement on the fretboard can all be learned from a young age to instill good habits while playing. Private guitar lessons can provide preschoolers with individualized sessions with qualified teachers to help them learn even faster.

A member of the percussion family, this instrument consists of a metal bar that’s bent into a triangle shape and struck with a small rod to produce musical sounds. The triangle is often used in classical and folk music as an accompaniment to the main rhythm. Triangles can also be used to make certain songs and situations more humorous. Preschoolers are likely to be amused by the vibrating sensations that occur each time the triangle is struck to make sound.

Instilling the gift of music early on in life can help children excel in many ways as they go through each phase in life. The best instruments for preschoolers can help young students grasp the concepts of music better while having fun in the process.