Morioh Sonder Share ‘I Want To Die On My Birthday’ Video

Berlin based psych-indie-pop group Morioh Sonder share the new self edited and animated music video for their debut single ‘I Want To Die On My Birthday’ – to be released independently on August 30th.

Speaking about the release, Morioh Sonder explain; “The video is montaged from cuts of a public domain Russian movie called “Ruslan and Ludmilla”, inspired by the respective fable. The classic story is about Russian and Ludmilla getting married but then having to face a number of hardships after Ludmilla is kidnapped by an evil warlock. Ruslan finally defeats the warlock but is then killed by a former friend; in the end a mage resurrects the hero who returns home and meets with Ludmilla.The story by the video instead has Ludmilla being taken to the realm of death after wishing to die and Ruslan going crazy over the loss. He is so insane that a friend has to kill him, sending him also to the realm of death. There he finds and kills the ruler of hell but seeing how Ludmilla is afraid of his present “him” decide to leave her.”