Alt-Pop artist Nina Monroy delivers hazy debut single ‘Mood Ring’

Nina Monroy, a Guatemalan/American singer-songwriter, was heavily exposed to a palette of cultural influences growing up. The heartfelt lyrics in her Alt-Pop music are the product of an impactful, third-culture kid lifestyle. Today, she has released the official music video for her debut single “Mood Ring,” a hazy track about Monroy finding herself in an unhealthy relationship and deciding to take action.

“During my first months in Los Angeles, I met someone while still getting to know the city and other people here,” says Monroy. “Instead of being independent, I found myself relying on him for my own personal happiness. I realized that this relationship wasn’t healthy and wouldn’t let me grow as a person. Instead of settling for sadness and frustration, I decided to ‘change the color on my mood ring’ on my own, without relying on anyone else.”

CREDIT: Brent Campanelli