Gabby And Madi Release “Runnin’ Though My Mind”

A strong team of two talents is undoubtedly better than one. Time after time, this has been proven by the monumental success of Sonny and Cher in the 70s, Hall & Oates in the 80s, and Atlanta’s own Gabby and Madi in the 2010s. Originally part of the girl group Pink Heart which skyrocketed to fame on Radio Disney, Gabby and Madi are two young women who can do it all: dance, sing, and look super fly while doing it. Having been performers since they were eight, these girls are ahead of the curve when it comes to pop stardom and are making great use of their advantage by releasing their phenomenal track “Running Through My Mind.”

Just as Gabby and Madi put it, they make music that “people can not only like, but also relate to” and “Running Through My Mind” is exactly that. It’s a rhythmic and danceable ode to the magnetic charm of a young man that the duo is smitten with. In it, Gabby and Madi are approachable in dealing with the constant presence of their crush in their daydreams. They’re ready for the guy to get on already and make the first move, even going as far as to say he’s “running out of time.” The dynamic duo has a strong knack for making music that is not only danceable but also speaks to a part of fans that’s a bit more intimate and personal.

Gabby and Madi are currently in collaboration with Atlanta’s own D. Wash Management. They have set their sights on one day getting a Grammy for the fantastic music that they make. For 2019, they are planning on touring the country and bringing their brand of hip hop and R&B-influenced pop music into as many cities as they can. These girls aren’t going to let anything get in the way of their dreams.

The “Running Through My Mind” music video is a remarkable piece of work in the sense that Gabby and Madi get to not only showcase the romantic meaning of their song but also some of their killer dance moves. In the video, we find the duo and their entourage walking past their crush in an abandoned parking garage and soon breaking it down to impress the boy and show him just how fly they are. Soon, Gabby and Madi find themselves surrounded by a whole group of fans wanting to see them bust some moves and even join in to turn this love song into an impromptu party track.