TREVOR DRURY New Video “Chapter 4”

Alt-pop singer-songwriter Trevor Drury released his latest single, “Chapter 4,” only moments ago. “Chapter 4” is from his forthcoming EP, Alice, It’s All In Your Head.

On Trevor Drury’s latest single, the hypno-symphonic power pop-rock ballad “Chapter 4,” the multi-talented singer-songwriter intimately chronicles the closing of a special romantic chapter in his life. Though the song laments an impending breakup, he offers a glimmer of hope that he may see her again in the mysterious next chapter the song title refers to.

The song articulates the exquisitely complex emotions surrounding the cessation of a romantic liaison. Yet even as one chapter ends, another may open.

Drury explains “Chapter 4, “I am a big fan of sounds that have movement to them and records that evolve and tell a story. I don’t like creating generic pop stuff, and feel bored with the idea of doing that. If I hear a pop song, even if it’s a big hit, I’ll think what if they had made it bigger and added a choir or took their vocal and crunched it into guitar grittiness. These things jump out at me as a way to make the song cooler and more interesting.”