Managing a Music Career and Addiction

It’s no secret that rock stars and all manner of musicians are often riddled with demons and addictions. While it’s not strictly on the shoulders of creative types and artists, it is who we hear about very often, that struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction and thoughts of suicide. With the exponential expansion of the internet, it’s created an entirely new market for getting your music to the masses, whether you’re ever on a radio station or not. YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and so many more platforms offer a place to reach more listeners than previously possible, without a record deal.

California remains a hotbed for creativity in music, film, art and provides amazing weather to support a happy way of life for millions. If you find yourself in need of more structured help and accountability, there are options like alcohol treatment California as well as other manner of rehab and support groups. Whether you’re a musician or work in the music industry, chances are, you know someone that will benefit from a treatment facility’s services. Staying locally to get a bit of help to get the addiction under control is ideal for most, as it’s near family and friends, which is the external support system for most that go through such programs.

While there was once a heavy stigma on addiction, mental illness and the like, there’s now a more loving focus and sympathetic understanding. Again, the power of the internet brings about awareness and kindness and understanding to what was once a heavily judged struggle of being a human in a world of trauma, temptation, addiction and other needs to escape the heaviness life can bring. Many a musician have taken a hiatus from their work and craft in order to get to a healthier mind and head space to function and work with their band mates and creative colleagues for the betterment of everyone.