7 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Website

A small business owner is not just a small business owner. He’s also a digital marketer, content writer, and editor. He’s a website designer, UX optimization performer, email marketer, and blog master.

Every small business owner is unique. If you are one, you might have probably realized that the one thing that connects it all is a business website. Indeed, in the 21st century, you cannot grow your business and climb it up to your industry’s ladder without leveraging a highly relevant and useful small business website.

A business website has a small value unless it is well-designed and properly built to address your target audience’s needs. Starting a site is simple, making it successful and productive is almost impossible without applying the right knowledge, strategies, tips, and tricks.

For that reason, in today’s post, I’m sharing 7 ways to improve your small business website and take your digital marketing game to the next level. Shall we?

Improve the UX by Simplifying Your Site

Gone are the days when fancy websites were glamorous and popular. Now, most people prefer it simple and neat.

Improving your small business website is easier than you think. Think about your traffic’s intention and source. Do they come from social media? If they do, it means they’re probably interested to check out more information about you. Make it simple by giving them only a few click choices. Lead them towards the sales by building the process for them.

Know Your Target Market

Before you try attracting the attention of potentially interested buyers, makes that you have clearly defined these buyers. Not just in your head, but in an organized document.

Start by imagining the ideal customer. Who is this person? How does he/she think, work, spend money, decide, etc.? Where does he live? What are his problems?

Once you know your target market, you’ll be able to use the information to optimize not just the UX of your site but also every marketing campaign you’ll perform in the future!

Publish Better Content

What does “better” content mean?

Well, for instance, ensure that your topics are actually useful and relevant to your specific target market. If you have identified well and have developed target personas, you’re now able to cover specific problems and needs of a specific segment of your target audience.

Secondly, try publishing content that you don’t see every day. Be unique and think out of the box. Involve passion and show that you care.

Improve Your SEO Game

SEO is highly related to content marketing. Therefore, if you want to improve your search rankings, you must immediately focus on improving the quality of everything you post. That includes social media posts, web content, blog content, and press releases.

In addition, you should always be careful with plagiarism. If papa Google catches you “copying other people’s content”, your small business site will suffer consequences. To avoid that, simply use the help of an essay rewriter to generate and publish 100% unique content. Also, start using Copyscape (plagiarism-checker) to ensure you’re not publishing anything you shouldn’t publish.

Lastly, I’d suggest reading Backlink’s blog. A goldmine of SEO-related techniques are shared there for free, and most of them can be applied to small business websites.

Work on Your Website’s Loading Speed

Improving your website’s loading speed matters for two reasons.

First, Google likes fast loading websites. It actually improves their rankings and decreases the positions of the slow-loading ones.

Second, every single internet user will prefer browsing a fast-loading site than getting impatient waiting for some pages to load.

Show Authenticity on Social Channels

You’re probably aware of the highly relevant benefits of social media for business.  If you’re not, it means that you’ve just dodged social ads somehow, but I highly doubt it. As you can notice, it’s not just the highly popular and big businesses that use social networks to grow their reputation and sales.

Show your followers that you’re not just an irrelevant business who cares only about profits, show them why you’re relevant to them, show them why they should care, and if you’re truly genuine in your intentions, they will reward you with their time, attention, and money.

Offer Free Value in Exchange for Leads

Use your website to offer educational value (for free) in exchange for your traffic’s trust, engagement, and possibly email information.

If you’re giving away a free eBook that solves a relevant problem of your target audience, you will be able to start cultivating a strong relationship with the interested ones, a relationship that will lead to a lot of long-term benefits for both peers. Remember – free value gets you leads, recognition, and trust!


Taking your business website to the next level is something you need to do right away. The competition is fierce while the prizes are high. The digital landscape is a goldmine for all small businesses who know how to properly use it. Learn to pick the right strategies for your business and start testing everything until your satisfied with the results!

BIO: Frank Thompson is a passionate digital marketer, content publisher, and ghostwriter that helps small businesses design and implement growth marketing strategies. He’s currently writing his own book on how to effectively turn your passion into a successful small business, a book that also promises to include out-of-the-box online marketing tactics and tricks.