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J.R. – ‘PAL’

This song was inspired by the feeling of youth and naive invincibility.

The emotions experienced when you are young and feeling misunderstood.

Stagnant and searching for a reason to keep feeling like the past wont catch up to you.

COBRAH releases new single, ‘Tea’, on Rinse > Listen here

Following the release of her bewitching debut EP ‘ICON’ in March, Swedish artist COBRAH is back with ‘Tea’ — her debut single on Rinse.

Written alongside Sebastian Furrer (Cazette), ‘Tea’ revolves around the concept of being on the Jerry Springer show and “spilling the tea”, while also taking inspiration visiting New York City, where COBRAH spent the summer of 2018.

Surrounded by “people living and breathing the ballroom scene”, she immersed herself in the music, style and culture of the city’s underground. “I took part in everything”, COBRAH explains, “..from shopping outfits, putting makeup on performers, meeting DJs and MCs and just generally chatting through the nights.”

Keon Masters Premieres Single, “Got 2 Luv It” via New Noise Magazine

“Having been with his band Brave Baby for the greater part of a decade, Keon Masters is gearing up for the release of his solo debut “Many Thanks.” A smooth and spazzy pop gem of eight tracks that clocks in at a cool 28 minutes.” -New Noise Magazine

Track Premiere: Keon Masters – ‘Got 2 Luv It’

Rosie O’Sullivan New Video – ‘TAKE ME AS I AM’

“‘Take Me as I Am’ was written in 2017 a year where I was trying to find acceptance to be myself, not only in personal relationships but also in today’s unfortunate stereotypical society. After losing an incredible amount of weight and drastically changing my image to find acceptance both in my mind and socially, the buzz line. ‘Take Me as I Am’ took over. As humans, all we want in life is to be truly accepted for who we are. Everyone is beautiful…. learn to embrace differences and diversity in our ever-changing world. If people cannot take you as you are…. It’s their own loss!” – Rosie O’Sullivan

New > Napoleon Gold > shares single “Love Don’t Cut Me Down” ft. Haiva Ru > listen here

Master of sultry electronic pop Napoleon Gold is back with his new single Love Don’t Cut Me Down featuring vocals from Allie Merrill of Santa Barbara-based indie rock band Haiva Ru.

Tess Posner releases poignant pop single “New Angels”

New Angels was produced by Trey Vittetoe (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry) and recorded at the historic Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco.

“In 2013, I saw a man killed on a sidewalk in broad daylight. He was holding hands with an 8 year old boy with a backpack. The boy screamed so loud, so deep, that it sounded like the universe was being ripped open. The news never reported the murder and I never knew their names.

I wrote “New Angels” as a response to this event and several others (including the 2018 Camp Fire) and contemplating how we can face major societal and environmental challenges that are looming in front of us without losing hope.