Country Music Can Set A Lifetime of Memories

Music today helps fuel our lives like no other time. Understanding how easily music can make us feel good and do good helps businesses use music more. Everyone knows when the first time they heard a song that had an amazing impact on them. Whether it is a first kiss or the day you broke up, there was a song on the radio or computer that said everything you wanted to but couldn’t. Country music is one of those genres that helps us feel amazing and heals our heart when we are hurt. Country music is truly an American artform.

Country Music Concerts

Country music concerts and festivals are some of the greatest experiences. The summer is a great time to go to a country concert and feel amazing. There are so many excellent country music stars you can listen to. I am sure you can think of one country song that has had an amazing effect on you. The country music fan base is one of the largest of all genres. There’s beer-drinking, whiskey shots, and lots of smiles that follow country music wherever it goes. Friends, love, and cowboy boots all rule with the country music crowd. It is great to have a truly American experience centered around country music and its festivals. The whole country experience is something unique to America and the way country is done in the United States.

Fun Country Music Style

Frilly shirts for the ladies, sometimes cut-off jeans, Ariat square toe boots, long curly hair, cowboy hats, jeans, and t-shirts; these are some of the styles worn by country music lovers. Long dangling silver jewelry, turquoise tex-mex style, mini skirts, and blouses with little tassles, do these things sound familiar at country music parties and festivals. The style of country music is comfortable and fun. The country-style has evolved over the years. Many designers have upped the ante on what is country. You can easily look like a country music fan without spending too much. However, if you are into spending hundreds on clothes, there are plenty of high-end country clothing designers that have clothes for you.

Country Music Themes

Some of the common themes you will find in country music are the issues and struggles that go with being in a relationship. Many country singers love singing about the south and the southern lifestyle. Some country singers admit they are redneck and love singing about it. Having sex and all that goes along with it, including cheatin’, is one of the favorite subject matters of country songs. Patriotism is a big theme in country music. We do live in a global world, but there is a lot to be said for being true to the United States and the unique country style it can represent. Country music and the country style is a part of American history and will always be a part of the United States future. Even the country style and all that goes with it evolves with the times.

A Little History of Country Music

In the early 1900s, a man named Jimmie Rodgers is accredited to starting the country music genre. Born in Meridan, Mississippi, he was a singer-songwriter and musician singing big country themes in his recordings with other band members. Jimmie was also a yodler which he put into his music. His recordings are still nice to listen too. The Carter Family, and a slew of other artists in the early 1900s, kicked off the beginning of the wonderful genre of country music, and it has been going strong ever since.

Whatever way you enjoy country music is the way to love country music. The spirit of country is to be yourself and nothing else. Even if someone is not a purist when it comes to being country, anyone can enjoy the style, the music, the food, and the people that help country everything live on. The next time you have a break-up, remember to listen to country break-up songs and you, for sure, will find a song you can relate too and make you feel better.