Non binary identifying, androgynous and LGBTQI artist areté Single Entitled ‘Trip’

Androgynous, adventurous, assertive: areté. Challenging expectations through avant-pop music and provocative visuals, this NYC-native combines poetry and evocative choreography with a fresh take on an electronic dance-inspired sound. A spiritual descendant of rebellious game-changers such as Bjork, Grace Jones, Patti Smith, and Laurie Anderson, areté draws from their background as a director of theatre and film to thrill your senses and subvert your expectations. Pulling from their experience in Los Angeles’ queer underground dance scene, areté creates their own brand of unrestricted, experimental art.

Leading single ‘Trip’ carries the feeling of the future past, fusing elements of Runaways, Iggy Pop and other synthpop/new wave such as the Pet Shop Boys and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Highlighting stomping electronic beats, ethereal vocals and dreamesque soundscapes, the track takes listeners to another dimension.