Best Mattress Types for Certain Health Problems

One of the best ways to deal with a particular health issue is to address it at home. Thankfully, the following health issues can be helped at home with something as simple as the right bed.

Sensitive Skin

Commercial mattresses sometimes contain materials that a person with sensitive skin can react to. These individuals can get rashes, which will continue to come back since they have to sleep on the mattress every day.

No one should have to deal with these types of issues simply because they have the wrong mattress. A person with sensitive skin will have to purchase an organic mattress that contains no chemicals or other materials that could cause a negative skin reaction. Be sure to only use organic bed sheets, such as organic cotton or linen.


People that suffer from arthritis need to pay close attention to the bed they choose. Failing to choose the right bed could make things worse by causing things like spinal misalignment among other things.

You want a memory foam mattress with a high-quality top that is soft. The important thing is the mattress needs to have supportive underlayers. These layers need to be strong enough to align your body while you sleep.

Back Pain

Back pain is something that affects many people. The pain can be quite debilitating, but you can do something about it by choosing the right mattress.

This mattress should be soft but not too soft because your back needs enough pressure to give you some relief. With these criteria in mind, latex and memory foam mattresses are probably the best option for those dealing with back problems.

Remember that it is preferable that you sleep on your back rather than your stomach. Try to teach your body to sleep on your back to try to minimize back pain.

Sleep Apnea

You need a bed that supports the body. The most important thing a bed can do for a person with sleep apnea is to provide enough pressure for the shoulders and hips.

This helps align the body and alleviate the problem. What you want is an adjustable bed if you are dealing with this issue. You can experiment with the bed’s pressure until your sleep apnea is improved.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, sometimes referred to as nocturnal GERD, requires a bed that will support the body. Again, this means the bed has to be high-quality. It is especially important that you pay attention to your pillows. This is because head elevation while sleeping could reduce acid reflux.

An adjustable bed could also be helpful for a person with this malady. You do not have to elevate the top of your mattress too much to receive the benefits. Be sure the mattress is split if you sleep with someone else because this sleep position may not be good for your partner.

Hopefully, some of this information helps you find the best bed for your health issue. Talk to your health care specialist because having the right bed should only be a part of what you do to take care of the malady you are dealing with.