What is the correct choice of mattress for people with backache and hip pain?

Arthritis, hip pain, and lumbago are the true friends of old age. There is hardly one American without problems of joint ache and movement restriction. Irrespective of the kind of life these people have led in the past, the time has caught up with them. Arthritis is not a lifestyle disease, and it can happen to anyone from any socioeconomic stratum. The only thing that medical professionals have found common among the people who have arthritis is a bad choice of mattress.

Your mattress choice can change your life. Choosing a bad mattress will compromise your joint health and create complications of the spine in the later years. Traditionally, people believed that firm mattresses are the best for their backs and their joints. Recent research shows that too much firmness can aggravate their aches and deteriorate their joint conditions. People have finally come to realize that firm mattresses are not the ideal match for everyone.

Why are innerspring mattresses not the best remedy for body aches?

Innerspring mattresses are not the best option if you are suffering from hip pain and joint pain. The springs are never close enough to provide optimum support for the side sleepers. The hip always creates a nook for itself on the mattress, and the waist, neck, and arms do not get enough support. This creates a sharp curve in the spine and paves the way for a secondary joint problem among all age groups. The problem is similar for a firm innerspring mattress, but the hard material prevents the hips from dipping altogether and causes the waist, neck, and knees to dip.

What are the better alternatives to innerspring mattresses for hip pain?

Finding the right mattress that can support your whole body and pay attention to your pressure points can redress your recurring hip pain, back pain, and arthritic joint pains. It can be the solution to all your sleep disorders too. Here are two alternatives that are better than innerspring mattresses.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are the better way to treat hip pain and joint pain. These are easier on the pocket, and they usually have a lifespan of 6 to 7 years. Good quality natural latex can distribute the pressure equally and provide soft support to the critical pressure points inside the body. People with chronic hip pain often find comfort from using medically constructed latex mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam and gel mattresses are the ultimate answer to all your joint problems and hip pain problems. Memory foam has the power to “remember” how you like to sleep and how your body exerts pressure on the mattress. The gel in the upper layer of the mattress allows the mattress to contour itself perfectly to support your pressure points. Memory foam provides enough support to your spine, pelvic joint and your limbs. Back sleepers and side sleepers experience maximum comfort on regular memory foam and gel mattresses.

There might be alternatives to mattresses for your hip pain, but there are no alternatives to a good night’s sleep. Latex and memory foam are smarter alternatives that can easily eliminate pains with sound sleep.