Emerging Trip-Hop songstress JULA shares atmospheric video for ‘Leave’

“The piano progressions and downtempo rhythm sections that run throughout the track tonally mirror early Massive Attack records. JULA’s vocal delivery too is not dissimilar to Low’s Mimi Parker, whose deep register compliments perfectly Low’s discography as much as JULA’s compliments her ballad-like debut.” – tmrw Magazine

Emerging voice, JULA has shared the music video for ‘Leave’, her debut single via Tall Mountain Records released on May 31st, 2019. The song was written by JULA and co-produced alongside Jan Schröder (known for his work with Causes, DO, Mainstreet and Martin Garrix), while the mix and master was handled by Ian Grimble (Daughter, Sinead O’Connor, Mumford & Sons, and Radiohead) and Frans Hendriks respectively. JULA is set to release her debut EP, PHOENIX, in 2019. PHOENIX was deeply influenced by the obstacles JULA faced as an emerging female artist who struggled to reconcile the image of “beauty” as portrayed in the media with that of her own body, succumbing to the pressure and allowing her art to be swallowed by feelings of inadequacy. A vital change in perspective took place when JULA became a mother for the first time, one which allowed her to step outside of the media circus around image and address more pressing concerns relating to the well-being of her son and herself. The result is an artist that is totally in charge of who they are, and PHOENIX sees her utilizing sophisticated indie-pop with a dark undercurrent to communicate the personal growth and perspective shift. Now feeling free as a singer, songwriter, woman, mother, and a friend, JULA dares to take risks both on and off stage. She is a tall tree that catches a lot of wind, but she is deeply rooted and will remain standing.