Aurora Kuda New Video “Ma Quale Grande Amore”

Inspired by the rhythm and sensuality of Jennifer Lopez, the melody of Julio Iglesias, and the personality of Madonna, Aurora Kuda brings true artistry from her homeland of Italy to viewers and listeners all over the world. She lives with her family in Civitanova Marche, a city overlooking the sea that is sparkling, dynamic, and radiates positive energy – an ideal environment to create music.

Aurora Kuda is inspired by feelings, passions, and even fears of the people she meets every day. Describing her music, she says, “With my songs, I try to photograph this honestly and transparently, I wish they were a drop of clean water for our soul.” In March of this year, Aurora Kuda released her single “Vivo Persa” from her debut album of the same name. The “Vivo Persa” was a success, surprising Aurora Kuda herself as it was broadcast on radio stations and TV networks.

Her latest offering is the single and video “Ma Quale Grande Amore” (Italian for “But What Great Love”). Born in front of a burning fireplace on a cold winter day, it’s not about a grand romance – the song was written as Aurora Kuda thought of a friend of hers experiencing a tormented, tumultuous affair that was not true love. As she took pen to paper, she heard the music as soon as she picked up the guitar.

For the video, Aurora Kuda teamed up with previous collaborator, director Paolo Galassi, and headed to Monte Conero Park in Ancona, Italy. “Ma Quale Grande Amore,” tells the story of a woman who works as a private jet pilot, but at home, lives a troubled life thanks to her man’s (played by Antonio Sticchi, multifaceted artist and frontman of the band No Pretes), lack of attention. Finally, she’s had enough, and she says so – the passion has faded away, and the love is no more. Despite the gorgeous, exotic setting, there is no romance to be found here.