The Fallaways Explain ‘Dumb’ + Official Music Video

“Dumb is a song about giving less of a sh*t, having fun and getting away from the boring 9-5 lifestyle we all become so easily accustomed too.

I wrote some of the lyrics to this song on the way home from a long day at work.. I remember being stressed out over some tedious stuff that happened on the job that day and thinking.. “Why am i letting this bother me?.. I just wanna be dumb and oblivious to all the stuff that doesn’t matter.”

The rest of the lyrics came together when the band and i started putting the music together, it came pretty naturally as i had a strong idea for the concept of the song.. I think the chorus says it all “I Wanna be dumb, I wanna be stupid just like you, I wanna have fun, No regrets for what i’ve done, i’m gonna have fun”.

The point we were trying to get across is.. Have fun while you can, live in the moment and don’t let the stuff that doesn’t matter affect how you do things.

Once we had a solid demo for this song i sent it to one of my favourite artists/producers Zac from the LA based Punk Band FIDLAR. He loved it and instantly got back to me.. We ended up recording the song with him a couple months later and the rest is history. Lets get stupid!”