BHuman Cover Cher’s “Believe”

“Whimsical, avant-garde [with] gorgeous wigs and plenty of lewks.” – Billboard on the “Goodbye” video

Transatlantic queer pop group BHuman have released their take on a Cher classic. “Believe” is reimagined in shiny electronic pop perfection by the transgender Brit and gay American duo of Billie Lloyd and Harrison Scott and is purposefully dropped ahead of NYC Pride weekend. It’s pretty much the queerest thing ever. Imagine the dynamism of two complementary vocals bought intimately close to the mics, subtle nods to the original arrangement in the modulated buzzing synth lead lines, and (dare we say it?) a slightly less obscene use of autotune. At that point you might be halfway there. It needs to be heard.

Lloyd described what led BHuman to tackle Cher, “Ahead of our debut live show we wanted to cover a song that people would recognize but that would allow us to put our own spin on it. ‘Believe’ is such a classic anthem and we just started playing around with it in the studio and we very quickly found something very compelling. Plus, Cher is the ultimate gay icon so it works well for pride.”