Top Tips to Save Money with Car Rental Deals

A lot of questions run through your mind as you try to organize convenient travel modes around various places. Take, for instance, a situation where you visit a foreign country whose public transport system might not serve your purpose accordingly. Do you hire? Do you use cabs?

This demonstrates just how much-organized travel can be a cause of the headache and why it needs to be approached with the end in mind.

Getting the best rental car deals is more fulfilling than seeking cheap airfares or even low-cost hotel rates. But, it should not cost you a lot more than you had planned in terms of time, money and convenience. It saves a lot to know what you are getting yourself into before spending your money on it. Below are the best tips on how to get the best deals in the rental industry.

Watch Out For Underhand Fees

Inspect your machine thoroughly for stains, bumps, dents and any other breaks. Take a few photos of the car both the interior and the exterior. This will serve you to be on the safe side in the event they demand you for impairments that were already there before you started using the car. Carefully fill the forms given by the rental firm as this is part of the contractual agreement. Alert them of any damages upfront. Check the gas/fuel gauge and note the level before driving off. This way, both parties will be in a good position of understanding and it will spare you a bunch of trouble when returning the car. Call the agency in case of a delay and ask to pay late fees or extend your lease.

Make Advance Booking

Booking early does not only save you some coins but also the stress that occurs with doing things in haste. Once you create arrangements for a holiday, book your rental car in advance even up to two to three months earlier. Don’t wait until you are desperate. Waiting until the appointed time would make you incur more expenses. Always check the nature of the transaction before creating a reservation. Be sure that you are in a position to cancel the contract with little or no penalty in case of a change of plans or when a better opportunity presents itself before the holiday.

Save Time & Money with Good Timing

Timing is everything. Holidays and festive seasons provide rental companies with the perfect opportunity to increase prices because of high demand. If you schedule your events at a time of the year when there are little festivities, you are likely to get better deals in both travel and accommodation.

In addition, choose payment methods that save you a few coins, especially when making global transactions. Currently, several payment solutions are easily accessible through online platforms. Take advantage of them.

Do Plenty of Online Research

Research may make a whole big difference in your travel arrangements. A lot of information is available online with specific websites giving credible information on location, accommodation and travel arrangements.

Take advantage of them and book for your car rental services through them. They will help you look at the best rental car deals available by city or airport location. Clearly go through the research results from each site, compare the taxes and fees before settling for any car rental company. Sometimes go beyond the chain and reach out to small rental companies with best offers. In the end, all you need is value for money and great service. When you do your research in the right way, you will land a good deal.

Avoid airport Rentals

If you can manage it don’t hire your rental car from the airport.

Renting a car at the airport is in many cases very expensive as most companies have added surcharges owing to the convenience it brings.

However, you can make arrangements to have a rental car that is not associated with the airport to come and pick you up. In many places, this is perfectly possible today thanks to the technology that enables you to connect with a driver or a company at your convenience.

The airport rentals charge a concession fee saves on this and takes a taxi to town and hire from there. Alternative you can go for rental car firms that offer airport transportation to their kiosks.

Join Reward Programs

It’s simple and toll-free and frequently comes with bonuses like free upgrade and the ability to skip the lines. This is especially good if you frequent a given destination and prefer to use the same car rental firm.

In several arrangements, being a member guarantees you information about car rental companies and it also stores up your rental preferences. With this information, it makes it possible for you to get a car on time. You can redeem bonuses earned in the form of points or free rentals or upgrades bonus thus saving you some money.

By the end of it all, you are looking for affordable and convenient ways to travel around a particular destination.

Use Smartphone for Sat Navigation

Visiting a new place for the first time may require you to have a satellite navigator. Although a rental car company may offer you’re their sat nav at a fee, using your smartphone may cost you up to nothing. Apps like Apple maps, Google maps, for instance, be downloaded for free on your phone. While using your phone observe and maintain all traffic rules to avoid getting into trouble. You can also bring along a hardcopy map of your destination.


Once you know your preference and how much you’re willing to spend on a car rental, it will help you a lot as you will not fall for inconvenient charges presented by the rental car agent. Don’t be scared to ask questions or visit for help on car rental in gold coast. In this way, you will get the best quality offers for your money. Agents are careful to land a deal so be keen on sneaky offers. Importantly, remember to have the terms and conditions clearly outlined.