Arthur Jae Presents ‘God Will Make It Better’ And Raises Hope

A silky-smooth style flow throughout Arthur Jae’s “God Will Make It Better”. Such a resonant approach works wonders as Arthur Jae brings together contemporary gospel, R&B, and a bit of pop into the proceedings. Full of a sunny optimism his lyricism lifts the listener up. Carefully selected word choice further adds to the overall power of the message. Best of all though is the messenger: Arthur Jae sings with such a sense of purpose and clear-eyed determination. Melodically rich the whole of the track unfurls at its own unique pace. Never rushing anything a sense of reflection and grandeur permeates the whole of the piece. Going for a timeless take the song embraces a stately aura.

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The vocals immediately enter into the mix. From there the rest of the song comes into focus. Gradually building up the cinematic sweep of the sound transports the listener away in the best way possible. Rhythms have an easy-going mentality to them never overdoing things. So, crisp the production on the whole track feels outright flawless. By refusing to waste a single moment the whole of the track evolves and expands with true grace. Little flourishes permeate the whole of the piece ensuring that it shimmers and shines. For the final stretch he lets it all come together in a lush way.

With “God Will Make It Better” Arthur Jae sculpts a serene, soothing sound one that resonates in the mind long after it is over.