NYC’s Miss Charley Young (actress /singer/songwriter) releases “Hold The Moon”

Charley Young sings with a soulful swagger on the trance pop perfection of “Hold The Moon”. Electro impulses glimmer beneath the sleek polished surface. With a giddy quality Charley Young refuses to let things stay put for long. The energy that runs through the whole of the track feels outright incredible. By refusing to ever let up she lets the piece rush through in a gorgeous blur. Framing this within an EDM template allows her voice to show off its impressive range. Done in such a tasteful, timeless way the song teems with life.

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The track comes into focus gradually. Synthesizers intermingle in a grand tapestry. Beats have a crisp quality to them. Melodies go for the hook as that melody lingers throughout the whole of the piece. When her voice enters into the fray it all comes into place. Refusing to ever let up she instead doubles down on the wild uncanny spirit of the sound. Upon letting the synthesizers drop out she sticks to the beat letting her show off her incredible fiery vocal delivery. A swirling mix helps to give it an all-consuming quality. For the finale she lets the piece simply permeate every nook and cranny as it has a carefree attitude which brings into to a joyous close.

“Hold The Moon” shows off Charley Young’s uncanny ability to create a love-filled dreamworld, one that has such a vivid array of colors that burst forth with such passion.