The Teledynes Release self-titled debut EP

The TeleDynes deliver a swinging, rockabilly sound with the colossal tidal wave of their self-titled effort. Done with the greatest level of care, they tap into Dick Dale’s incredible riffing style with a fast-paced rush through such a wide variety of genres ranging from classic rock to the blues to jazz. Over the course of the album they bring the tempos almost to a breaking point as they refuse to hold anything back. By far though the true heart of this chaotic beast comes from the vocals which are delivered with an urbane sophisticated sense of urgency. Layer upon layer comes into the mix which feels truly remarkable giving the whole of the sound a multifaceted approach.

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Aptly named “Crazy Train” shows off their incredible chops. The guitar jumps all over the place almost trying to be outright elastic. Rhythms further add to this temperament. Grandeur rolls through the colossal style of “Midnight Ramblin’ Blues”. Bringing a bit of a country spirit into the mix the western twang of “Way Out West” feels akin to a long-lost spaghetti western soundtrack. Classic cool to the extreme comes through with the playful “’47 Cadillac”. Summery to its very core is the party atmosphere of “September”. Neatly closing things off is the gargantuan grooves of the finale “Rockabilly Bug”.

Honestly one of the most celebratory wild, and unhinged albums that you’ll hear in 2019, the TeleDynes create a sound of pure unfiltered fun with their self-titled effort.