T.J. Doyle releases new hypnotic single “Lullaby”

T.J. Doyle explores a mellowed-out long back on a life passed with “Lullaby”. With a low-key energy the song unfurls at its own gentle pace. Over the course of the track T.J. Doyle brings in acid fried country, an indie rock sensibility, with a psychedelic twang all into a vivid worldview. Full of life T.J. Doyle touches upon the easy-going spirit of Granddaddy throughout the whole of the piece. A grand journey unfurls one that feels so vivid. The attention to detail incorporates a whole plethora of instruments into the mix, from the gentle keyboards to the dreamy guitars. With a sweeping symphonic take the piece simply stuns. By far though the song’s lyrics serve as the very center of it all. Yearning for love they have a poetic beauty to them.

Stream – https://soundcloud.com/tjdoylemusic/lullabysingle

Not a moment is wasted for T.J. Doyle allows the groove to establish itself immediately. His voice has a reassuring presence to it. Sung with such earnestness his honesty helps to guide the song along in the best way possible. Letting things time their time he embodies a fully lived life. Guitars intermingle in such glorious ways. For the final stretch of the work he lets the song waft off into a true dreamworld, one that goes for a great tenderness. Becoming a true stream of consciousness, he ensures that it all has a peaked intense quality to it.

A sense of reflection permeates the whole of the extended trip of T.J. Doyle’s “Lullaby”.