New Video By Jekalyn Carr “I See Miracles”

By the age of 22, anyone would have hoped to solidify a milestone in their life whether it be graduating from college, securing a job, or even figuring out their path in life. Yet what if we told you that Jekalyn Carr had already outlined her prosperous future by the age of five? This American singer, songwriter, and profound speaker adds her powerful voice, everlasting beliefs, and unmatched energy to traditional gospel music. At five years old, her extraordinary senses displayed great vocal ability and being able to hear correct keys in songs. Between the singing, ministry travels, and speaking events, Carr was homeschooled and this allowed her to focus on her expertise.

Within the last 17 years of perfecting her music, Carr has expanded her endeavors to include being a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, actress, and author. Her resume doesn’t stop there: she is also a Grammy Award nominee and GMA Dove Award-winning independent artist. She has spent over half a decade on top of Billboard charts, accumulating seven number one hits on the Billboard charts before the age of 22.

Pain and hardship test our ability to think correctly, act accordingly, and most importantly, prove our devotion to God. “I See Miracles” portrays misfortunes we experience or have seen others experience: homelessness, health issues, and marriage adversities. However, with the guidance of God, the storms will pass. During the bridge as Carr rejoices “I believe” all the vices shown in the video are solved through denomination and faith is restored. As we struggle through the obstacles of life, it’s easy to lose faith and question our beliefs, but Carr is here to remind us that through the shining sun and clear sky, God will answer our questions eventually.