LEIVA Releases his Fourth Solo Album ‘Nuclear’

There may be language barriers but when it comes to music there are no obstacles because music truly is the universal language. Leiva proves that here with his fourth solo album titled ‘Nuclear’ that is exploding with style & finesse. I may not be able to follow along with the lyrics but I certainly can hear that these songs are composed with the utmost precision.

Leiva is a Latin Grammy Nominee and hails from the country of Spain. This new record has international appeal and a real catchy pop/rock melody that many listeners will connect with. ‘Nuclear’ is fizzing with sincere musicality and wonderful tonality. Instrumentally and vocally, Leiva is performing at a very high level on the new release. ‘Nuclear’ comes complete with 12, well-designed tracks as one is different from the next. Leiva glides through the entire set like a well-planned book with solid beginning, middle and end. ‘Nuclear’ comes across as a conceptual album with various themes being portrayed out to the listener.

It’s worth noting that this new album has millions of YouTube views and ‘Nuclear’ is already certified as a Gold Record in Spain. You can check out the video for “No Te Preocupes por Mi”, (“Don’t Worry About Me”), right here:

This video is approaching a staggering 10 M views on YouTube and is one of the most popular in Spain!

And here are the remaining dates for the Leiva, ‘Nuclear’ 2019 tour:
June 21 – GIJON, Spain
June 22 -BIZKAIA, Spain
Junio 29 – MADRID,Spain – SOLD OUT
June 30 – MADRID, Spain- NEW DATE
July 12 – VALENCIA, Spain
October 11 – Mexico City, Mexico

Leiva is blasting off with his latest project, ‘Nuclear’, released by Sony Music/Latin and will continue to propel this artist to great heights and greater depths. The Leiva journey carries on!


By Jimmy Rae (https://twitter.com/2JRae)