Chad Rico Releases New Single ‘Legend in the Coup’

It may be summer break but for college math professor and hip hop artist Chad Rico school is back in session! Chad plans to drop lesson plans all season long with his “12 Weeks of Summer” EP project on Gold & Gems Records by releasing a new single every week. With intentions to keep his international classroom of music fans interested and engaged during the upcoming heatwave, ” Legend In The Coupe,” the debut track, hits on June 14 and is a banger for the books! Follow up song assignments for the first four weeks include “Pure Highbury” on June 21, “Charge It to the Game” on June 28 and “Don’t Trust You” on July 15.

As an entrepreneur, financial analyst, clothing manufacturer/designer, filmmaker and world traveler, Chad Rico has proven himself to be a master mathematician who can calculate winning formulas in any arena. He dropped his first EP “Myth” last year with the single release and wildly popular video, “New Level.” Both titles lent clues to his intentions and added up to major successes.

“Legend in the Coupe” features Gold & Gems Records labelmate, Kam Krzy, and boasts genuine Bay Area flavor as the two artists set the vibe for big summertime stuntin’. Kam is currently working on his own debut EP titled “Kam’s Krzy Modern Life,” including the anxiously anticipated “Workin'” and “Northface in September” videos.

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