Riva Taylor latest video ‘This Woman’s Heart’

Having found success at a very young age after becoming the youngest artist ever signed to EMI Records, London-via-Los Angeles singer and songwriter Riva Taylor is no stranger to the ups and downs of today’s music industry. Following on from a string of successful singles such as ‘Mr. Right’ and ‘My Mouth’, the latter of which was added to Elton John’s personal Spotify playlist, the front-woman now looks to present herself in a new light as she returns with her latest offering ‘This Woman’s Heart’.

Speaking about her new video, she added, “This Woman’s Heart is a song about life, so we have involved four female artists in a life drawing class setup. For me art has always been a passion, an interest and forms many of my creative decisions and directions as a musician which I think is due to having come from a family of artists. Afternoons with my grandma, an artist and art teacher herself, who taught me how to sketch! It’s all there in music and Director Sye Allen has done a fantastic job playing around with the visual”.