New Video By Smoove’L “Freedom”

Brooklyn is home to some of hip-hop’s most well known artists, and Smoove’L hopes to become one of them. Growing up in the Park 44 neighborhood of Brooklyn, he found himself surrounded by rap music, and was quickly intrigued by it all. He focused most of his youth on basketball, in hopes of becoming a successful athlete. But, sometimes life takes its own course, as it did in Smoove’s life when he decided to go the musical route.

It didn’t take long for him to come to his own realization that he really had the talent within him. It wasn’t before long that he released his first song on SoundCloud in 2014, which brought in thousands of views. “Once I saw the popularity of my music grow, I knew I had to keep it going. I’m very versatile, and that is what makes me different from anyone else in my genre,” said Smoove’L. To his point, the rapper never feels the need to do something crazy in order to stand out. He makes it a point to be his most authentic self- in both life and through his music.