Progessive rockers, Initial Mass, set to release “Bending Light”

Initial Mass blazes a hard rock path on the powerful “Blending Light”. Volume is an absolute must for the album has a tremendous, all-consuming spirit to it. A sense of urgency runs through the entire journey. Guitar riffs have an intensity to them while they have a driving presence. The vocals truly serve as the heart and soul, expressive with a unique nimbleness. With a timeless quality to the sound the ebb and flow of the entire trip gives it a majestic cadence.

‘Bending Light’ – STREAM HERE!

With “Killing Heroes” Initial Mass sets the tone for what follows. Featuring a sound reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots at their absolute best, the song barrels forward with all cylinders firing. Easily the highlight of the album the whole piece stuns. A more spacious tact emerges on the duality of the title track “Bending Light” where they show a little bit of their softer side. The geometry of “Reason To Take” has a great flow to it. “Piece to Piece” opts for a tragic undertone while it unfurls with such patience. On “Silence No More” Initial Mass holds nothing back for the whole track has a force of nature quality to it. Absolute madness ensues on the chaotic rush of “Alchemy”. Going for a contemplative take “Years Past” lets the whole piece sprawl out in a pitch-perfect fashion, giving the track a stately elegance. Neatly bringing it all together is the grandeur of the finale “Embers Within”.

On “Bending Light” Initial Mass goes for a no-holds barred sound, one that teems with life.