Ranzel X Kendrick New Single “Crazy Love”

No matter what you may think of Ranzel X Kendrick’s performance on his new single, “Crazy Love,” you must give him props for covering the great Van Morrison’s song. Van Morrison is not just an iconic performer, but “Crazy Love” is also one of his most iconic songs. In fact, it’s one of his (many) signature songs. This artistic choice is akin to a new soul singer covering Aretha Franklin’s “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” Sure, there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to an exalted diva; but why would you want all those obvious comparisons? Kendrick is similarly opening himself up to being evaluated side-by-side with Morrison. They don’t call Morrison Van The Man for nothing. Therefore, Kendrick better be good. And he is.

Kendrick sings his version over a basic arrangement of electric guitar, bass and drums. He uses a conversational singing tone, one much like Morrison’s original. Kendrick, who is from Texas, kind of Texas-afies it too, if that’s even a word. Texas singer/songwriters have a touch of world weariness in their performing tones, and Kendrick has a bit of that same weariness when he sings this one.

Lyrically, “Crazy Love” is a song that admonishes the positive attributes of a partner. This is the absolute right girl for this man. She always has everything he needs to keep him happy. There’s also a spiritual angle to this ideal lover. “She makes me righteous/She makes me whole/She makes me tingle/Down into my soul” say the lyrics. Christianity teaches that a man and woman, when joined together, become like one flesh. The act of making him whole, supports that spiritual principle.

This woman is also an encourager. “She’s got a fine sense of humor,” the song goes, “when I’m feeling lowdown.” The ability to make one’s partner laugh, should never be underestimated.

“Crazy” is an unusual word to describe love. You don’t really hear it used much in the positive manner these days; in the way it’s used here. She’s so good, she’s crazy good, the words suggest. She’s a lover so true and good, in fact, outsiders might think it’s insane, her extreme goodness. Beyonce had a big hit with “Crazy in Love,” but in her case, she described how much she loved another as representing the crazy part of the relationship. In this song’s case, though, it’s the love itself described as crazy.

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Ranzel X Kendrick’s version of “Crazy Love” will never forget Van Morrison’s original recording. However, Kendrick certainly doesn’t embarrass himself. Instead, by putting his own fingerprint on the song, Kendrick reminds us again that this is one fine song. (Oh, that we all can experience this kind of love). If you’ve felt it, this song will act as a pleasurable reminder. If you, haven’t, it’ll make you want it, badly.

Perhaps, Ranzel X Kendrick has introduced you to a new song. After all, many music listeners today may not even realize this is a cover song. In that case, it’s a beautiful thing to introduce folks to songs of old that they may never have heard. Hopefully, these newbies will fall crazy in love with this song, the same way generations before did. If that happens, it would, indeed, be crazy good. 


Dan McIntosh