Understanding the Process of Creating Animations

Animations have been around for decades, but with the increasing reliance on the internet and shortening attention spans, a video is now one of the most efficient ways to communicate to the audience. It can help people engage with content more than words on a page, and previous studies have found that the combination of auditory and visual stimuli is able to drastically improve the amount of information that people remember. In addition, the use of multimedia will alert Google to the “content rich” website and increase the likelihood of ranking by 53 times. But what goes into video creation? And would it be better to hire a company or to try and produce animations on your own? Below, we outlined the most important stages of this process.

Brainstorming and Designing

The first and most important step is deciding what concept should be visualized and the underlying story. Themes that you want the brand to convey should be integrated seamlessly into the script, and brainstorming ideas go in this section. Perhaps take a notebook and rest in a coffee shop so that you can spend a day jotting down any ideas that strike. Look at various design options and decide how you want the overall feel of the animation to be.

Creating a Storyboard

For those who want to hire a company, they will begin the creation of a storyboard to show transitions, individual scenes, and begin understanding how everything will flow together throughout the video. Once again, this is another crucial stage in animation video production that could make or break the project. Attention to detail is necessary here. In addition, it can only take place once the full script and design type are finalized in the previous stage.

Producing an Animation

At the heart and soul of the project, this is when the characters, story, and script are brought to life to create engaging content that the audience will enjoy. The scenes will flow from one to the next, mirroring the detailed plan from the previous stage to create a perfect final product. Choose a person to do the voice over and add music to the final product to ensure that it is an unforgettable video. The largest surprise will be how well the story seems to progress and flow, with the fictional aspects of an animation piquing a viewer’s interest.

Creating an animation that is well done can be very labour intensive, especially with multiple stages in the process. Thus, it may be best to hire a company that specialises in this area of work such as LIQUONA. A team of creative experts will be assigned to the product at hand to make sure every step goes smoothly and the professional production of a video can be simple to achieve. Otherwise, there may be a variety of other professionals that can create a video as well; not many can boast the dozen or so awards LIQUONA has however.