Tips on Choosing a Grass Strimmer

Maintaining well-manicured lawns add to the aesthetic appearance of your home. If you already have ample grass on your garden, it means that watering is not a problem for you. Keeping this grass in shape, however, requires a good grass strimmer. They are an essential tool in your mowing needs and even include getting rid of the unwanted plant growths on areas around outdoor furniture or walls.

There are different models of strimmers in the market manufactured for heavy and light duties. You can choose between a blade or line, petrol or cordless strimmer. This decision will depend on the size of your garden and budget. Maintaining this tool performance is vital for your garden needs, and you can trust Spares2You for your spare parts. Read on for information on how to pick out the best grass strimmer.


All the tools in your garage serve a specific purpose. This means that when it comes to assessing the price of different strimmers, you should align their functionality to your needs. It’s worth investing in a big and powerful strimmer if you have a larger garden which can grow dense thickets at times. If your lawn has minimal needs and requires little effort in mowing, getting a smaller one makes more sense.

While budgeting, including the price of spare parts is essential. For example, if you are thinking about buying a Flymo spinner, also research on the cost of flymo strimmer spares.

Design and Types of Strimmer

There are a range of strimmers that can perform different tasks. Electric strimmers will require you to plug in your tool to power it. If you have a large garden, this may not be ideal for you. You may have to choose one with a replaceable cord that is long enough. However, they go at great prices.

Cable-free tools give you the freedom to circumnavigate your entire garden without ever checking if the cable is long enough or risking a power disconnection. However, their battery life is limited, and you may require frequent replacements within a day’s work if you have a vast mowing area. It is advisable to get fast charging batteries that can last long.

Petrol trimmers are the bulk of the lot but can do heavy duty work. Their large size makes it harder to control, move around, and jumpstart. They’re also are an environmental nuisance.

Dealing with an unruly lawn with a lawnmower that can perform only one task may not achieve that perfect shape. It’s a good thing that there are models in place with a 2-in-1 functionality. Their cutting heads can be rotated vertically to aid in trimming grass on bumpy lawns.

Power Concerns

A powerful electric strimmer has more power compared to a lesser one. The energy levels usually range from 250W to 600W. If you opt for a petrol tool, look for the engine capacity and check for voltage in a cordless strimmer.

Overall, the more power you require, the heavier the strimmer will be. It will also cost you more but what is important is getting the job done.