The Brothers Union release 2 song EP as an advance on new album “Silhouettes”

The Brothers Union go for a whispered loveliness on the intimate “Silhouettes”. Featuring fine portraits of loved ones, offering great reflection, the pieces have a soulfulness to them. Vocals go for a soothing reassuring quality. Guitar work feels particularly fine with a perfect blend of tenderness and passion. Arrangements are kept to the essentials as the whole of the tracks go for a lived-in quality. With their stripped-down approach, they manage to convey a great swath of emotions ranging from such hope to a bit of yearning.

Such joy and celebration emerge out of “Bluebird”. Everything about the song has a meditative quality to it. Their storytelling explores a wide variety of different circumstances ensuring that the whole of the piece flows in such a happy peaceful way. Vocals go for a honeyed quality. Lyrics explore what a relationship truly means, how it builds up and grows in unexpectedly sweet ways. Full of such contentment the Brothers Union never overdo things. Easily the highlight of the collection the small elements that emerge out of the background further lend the track a blissfulness. With a bit more of a fire to it is the collection finale “Another Remedy”. Various guitar riffs intermingle to create something that becomes outright wild and free. Optimism reigns supreme as the song races forward with a sense of true wonder.

With “Silhouettes” the Brothers Union takes on a gentle inviting folk demeanor, sculpting stories out of their songs.