NYC songwriter Daniel Coloprisco releases 2 song EP “Winters Song”

Daniel Coloprisco crafts a flawlessly smooth sound on “Winter’s Song”. With an urbane sensibility these two pieces shine with such polish. A highly expressive take on piano playing the pieces possess such grace. Never overdoing things Daniel Coloprisco keeps the sound to the absolute essentials. The ear for melody proves to lead the collection forward for the many flourishes have a tactile quality to them. Layer upon layer of detail is added with an impressionist painterly hue. Stylistically, Daniel Coloprisco draws from classical, pop, jazz, and a bit of balladry.

By far the highlight of the collection comes with the soothing sounds of the title track “Winter’s Song”. Jes Hudak’s voice takes front and center stage. Full of so much passion, her voice blends perfectly with the tenderness of the radiant keys. Quite powerful the piano’s energy ebbs and flows giving it a naturalistic hue. Her storytelling becomes brilliantly punctuated by this approach. Proving to be a deft storyteller Jes Hudak lets the song sprawl as her narrative helps to tie the whole of the work together in such a gentle, compassionate way. Without needing to say a single word, a whole journey comes into view on the spry work of “A Touch of a Feeling”. Done with a great intensity the piece shows off Daniel Coloprisco’s undeniable chops as the song evolves in a tremendously powerful way.

Throughout the whole of “Winter’s Song” Daniel Coloprisco crafts a world that feels so vibrant and real.