Bongo Boy Records Volume XVI by Various Artists

Lyia Meta sings straight from the heart on the powerful “All My Love”. With a swirling gorgeous style, Lyia Meta offers a soulful fiery sound. Everything about the song opts for a powerful emotionally wrought approach to storytelling.

A lush approach informs Erik-Peter Mortensen’s “Dragon Song (feat. Sarah Moulton Faux)”. Growing ever more potent the song builds up in a masterful way. Classically inclined the song has a cinematic flavor to it.

Intimacy pours through the tenderness of Sofie Elezaj’s reflective “Dream”. Full of vibrancy and life, the piece unfurls in gorgeous neon hues. A great balance between the bombastic and the beautiful the song has a great power to it.

Bold balladry arises from the intensity of E.G. Holmes, as “Wash My Soul In The Summer Rain (feat. Jackie Molinary)”. Gently building up the way the song sweeps gives it a symphonic quality. Vocals rise above the arrangements offering a hopeful spirit.

On “The ONE and ONLY” Amanda Marie goes for a contemporary, poppy sound. Representing the zeitgeist, the song’s lovely warmth radiates throughout. With a true ear for melody the piece simply soars.

Nimble grooves emerge on the potent delivery of KG Salone’s “You’re My World (feat. Drazz Zhay)”. Autotuned vocals sound like honey. With a great elastic rhythm, the piece has a celebratory, party atmosphere.

Rollicking country rhythms anchor the whole of Mobjack Tribe, Parke Shelton and Jason Cale’s “Turn Your Radio Loud”. Tapping into a rustic Americana, the track offers a bit of nostalgia. With a classic quality and a raw gritty sound, the piece stuns.

Monique Sherrell Brown combines country and blues with the soulful “In and Out of Love”. Her ability to craft a powerful narrative helps the whole of the track to have impeccable emotional impact. The chops on display are potent as they unfurl in wonderful sorts of ways.

Slinky hip-hop rules supreme over Naked Eye’s “Patiently”. Keeping things to the essentials give the song a classic quality. Her flow feels flawless as it unfurls in its own time.

A hardcore emphasis informs “Joy Here Comes the Blood” where SATGAME speaks truth to power. Full of a fiery, commanding aura, the beats hit hard. By far though the true highlight comes from the commanding flows that roll through the length of the track.

Going for a warm, inviting approach is Rob Petitti’s “Feels Like Home” where the whole of the track has a personal narrative that effortlessly ties it all together. From the jagged edge of the guitar to the hit of the drum, the whole piece opts for a muscular quality. When Rob Petitti lets the guitar get a little unhinged that is where the magic truly happens.

Moodiness permeates Eye’z atmospheric “Still A Rainbow”. Keeping things to the essentials the song has a dreamy, mournful quality. Her voice opts for a note of sadness.

A low-key quality works wonders on Brown Kid’s “Hole In The Wall”. Friendship reigns supreme over the piece while it expresses the small joys that make up a life. The vibrancy of the track dominates in such a glorious way.

Such a wild disposition ties together the whole of “Read Between The Lines” showing off Studeo’s undeniable chops. Layer upon layer of sound is applied in such a masterful way. Growing ever larger the song becomes easy to get lost in.

Light and airy, Radio Drive lets every note waft into the air with the soothing “Sweet Thing (feat. Kevin Gullickson)”. Full of love the lyricism has a poetic quality. Truly gleaming the track comes into bloom in such a touching way.

“Buckle Up” closes the collection in style showing off Susan SurfTone’s effortless charm. An absolute joy to behold the track has a giddy energy to it. Truly fantastic it defies easy categorization.

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LINEUP of Featured Artists
1. Lyia Meta – All of My Love 4:12
2. Erik-Peter Mortensen – Dragon Song feat. Sarah Moulton Faux 4:57
3. Sofie Elezaj – Dream 2:43
4. E.G. Holmes – Wash My Soul In The Summer Rain feat. Jackie Molinary 3:22
5. Amanda Marie – The ONE and ONLY 3:56
6. KG Salone – You’re My World feat. Drazz Zhay 4:33
7. Mobjack Tribe, Parke Shelton and Jason Cale -Turn Your Radio Loud 3:21
8. Monique Sherrell Brown – In And Out Of Love 3:39
9. Naked Eye – Patiently 4:19
10. SATGAME – Joy Here Comes The Blood 4:01
11. Rob Petitti – Feels Like Home 2:49
12. Eye’z – Still A Rainbow 2:27
13. Brown Kid – Hole In The Wall 3:09
14. Studeo – Read Between The Lines 4:20
15. Radio Drive – Sweet Thing feat. Kevin Gullickson 2:58
16. Susan SurfTone – Buckle Up 2:40