New This Week Jerad Finck “Home” Video

Fresh off of a signed Album deal for 2019 with OneRPM under Chris Allen, Jared Finck is set to release the second single off of it, “Home”. It’s a cool electro-synth Alternative Pop track that he penned with power writer / producers Steven Solomon and Jake Newton. This is a song about finding your way back to what matters, no matter the conflict, no matter the fight, no matter the cost. The track, paired with a superb set of animated visuals accompany the multi-layered, colourful ambiance of the song in a wonderful way – the story-line holding tight to your attention as the music plays out. Meanwhile, Finck’s softly relatable vocal style and the subtle but effective strength of that hook make certain to weave their way into your consciousness.

The new hit single is now charting on the Alternative iTunes chart at #15 while also receiving recognized placement online and brick and mortar retail locations like Hair Cuttery.