Diamond Thug find empathy through shared suffering on ‘Tell Me’      

Formed in a basement in Kommetjie, a small surf town on the southern tip of Africa, Diamond Thug combine Sub-Saharan rhythms with indie pop dreamscapes, with a vitality and energy bursting from the seams of each track that becomes juxtaposed with melancholic themes.

Lead singer Chantel Van T’s luscious vocals wash over layers of guitar, synth-bass and pounding drums with a certain quiet power. When Chantel was a teenager, she wanted to be a quantum physicist, which may explain some of Diamond Thug’s lyrical subjects.

The band’s debut album Apastron was set within the depths of space, with celestial bodies and laws of planetary motion being used as metaphors for earth-bound problems. New EP Gaiafy turns inward to human experience, pairing nihilism and existential crises with allusions to climate change.

The band tell us that new track ‘Tell Me’ is “an empathetic song, dealing with the acceptance that suffering is a shared experience of all of life, albeit to differing degrees. Through our suffering, we ar