Finding September hold nothing back with the fiery passion of “History”. Done with the utmost of style, Finding September incorporates elements of punk, alt rock, and pop into a coherent cohesive whole. By far the true driver of the sound comes from the powerful vocals which possess a commanding presence. Reminiscent of similar pop punk groups like Good Charlotte this sound feels akin to a virtual force of nature. Volume deserves to be absolutely blasted for the entire thing simply washes over the listener. Their impeccable chops appear throughout the entirety of the EP from the hit of the drums to the colossal guitar riffs that lead the tracks forward.

Audio –

1. Summer Club
2. Inhibitions
3. History
4. Darkest Greys
5. Let It Burn

Not a moment is wasted as Finding September comes through blazing on the pure adrenaline-fueled splendor of “Summer Club”. Guitars intermingle in a perfect fashion ornate and completely lush. Full of great vigor Finding September lets the sound build up in a magnificent way. Elements of metal helps to further add to the track’s edge. By the time the vocals enter into the fray the sense of defiance becomes outright palpable. Highly infectious the piece even incorporates a joyous blurred of color. With so many stylistic twists and turns leading to the closer “Let it Burn” feels just right. Easily the highlight of the EP the way that the industrial edge of the sound comes into the fray giving the track a wild unhinged quality becomes particularly potent. Her vocals truly shine her as she sings with a sense of urgency.

With “History” Finding September goes for an intense and visceral sound.