Bongo Boy Records Release ‘Emidio’s Rock Den Vol. 2 by Various Artists’

Raw real riffs rush through Kidd Comet’s colossal “(She’s My) Serpentine”. The careening quality of the piece works wonders as does the defiant attitude. Deep in the center of it all are those commanding vocals that rise above the din.

A feral spirit defines Howzat’s “Tell Me”. Swinging chaotically, Howzat messes with listener expectations featuring a jerky rhythm that adds to the piece’s gritty approach. Lyrics have an insistent quality to them.

Bluesy fire rises up on BloodMoon Warning’s joyous “Swamp Queen”. Done with the greatest level of care, the piece has a powerful force of nature rhythm. Guitars scream up into the sky.

The Everyday Losers go for a hard rock style reminiscent of Death From Above 1979 with the frantic “The Calm and Collected”. Vocals have a distorted, disorienting quality to them. Speed is of the utmost importance as it rushes forward in a delirious blur.

Justin Mark Briggs sings straight from the heart on the theatrical stylings of “Victims of Insanity”. Guitars intermingle showing off their incredible chops. Layer upon layer comes into the mix as the piece shows off such thoughtfulness.

Done with style Ace Macen’s “When Metal Ruled The World” shows off a playfulness. Sprawling and ambitious their arrangement grows washing over the listener like a giant wave. Volume deserves to be blasted as it runs forward.

On their self-titled effort, Transient Wake slow things down considerably. Meditative with its hard rock edge, the piece embraces space. Lyrics have a poetic quality to them as the song explores an atmospheric aura.

“Rolling Like Thunder” wastes no time in getting started for ANGELES like dive right into the mix with things. Animalistic in its adherence to that 80s hard rock style, they offer a nod to the overwhelming presence of glam rock. Rushing by in a beautiful blur they possess tremendous power.

Unpredictable to its very core, Sister Salvation embraces a hint of Alice in Chains’ tragic alternative rock style with “My Mind”. Representing a sense of distress, the piece unfurls in unexpectedly moving ways. Everything oscillates wildly between outright cacophony and near silence.

Guitars rush to the forefront on Charles Brown’s shimmering “Rock Solid”. Featuring a triumphant quality, the whole of the track feels righteous. With an organ swell the song even nods towards the mystical.

Rykers Law goes for an unhinged approach with “March Of The Reich”. Incredible guitar playing comes together woven into a vast tapestry. Such color permeates the entirety of the piece as it grows into an impossible grandiose procession.

Candlelight Chaos rushes through everything on “Louder”. Featuring a driving rhythm, the song sounds like a long-lost classic. A complete blast from start to finish they reveal a true sense of style.

Lumbering beats anchor the muscular vision of Jonah Whale’s “Hale To The King”. Carefully crafted the stately procession expands and soars up into the sky. Everything stuns from the vocals to the gorgeous guitars.

A minimal, straight to the gut hit comes through on Justin Mark Briggs’ “Jake La Motta”. With a wry sense of humor, the song takes its time with its dance rock infused bliss. A truly blissful piece it all has an intimate quality to it.

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Burning Yesterdays hold nothing back on the full-on assault of “Diggin Graves”. Vocals opt for a bit of a growl as it moves at an ever-increasing pace. Drums pummel in the best way possible.

Speeds is of the essence on Transient Wake’s “Calling To Winston Churchill”. With an acid-fried style, the song possesses such swagger. Truly a blast the piece has a defiant attitude to it.

With a hint of industrial thrown into the mix is the potent work of Polygon’s “Forever And A Day”. Nearly psychedelic with its approach it all comes together in a vast field of color. Vocals opt for a sense of togetherness.

Tapping into a bit of AC/DC’s sound is Transient Wake’s celebratory “Come and Take It”. Wild and snotty, the whole of the piece simply stuns. Lyrics offer just the right amount of fire.

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Line Up Emidio’s Rock Den Vol. 2
1. (She’s My) Serpentine – Kidd Comet 3:49
2. Tell Me – Howzat 3:09
3. Swamp Queen – Bloodmoon Warning 3:37
4. The Calm and Collected – The Everyday Losers 3:27
5. Victims of Insanity – Justin Mark Briggs 3:56
6. When Metal Ruled The World – Ace Macen 5:52
7. Transient Wake – Transient Wake 6:01
8. Rolling Like Thunder – ANGELES 4:15
9. My Mind – Sister Salvation 3:54
10. Rock Solid – Charles Brown 3:24
11. March Of The Reich – Rykers Law 3:54
12. Louder – Candlelight Chaos 4:01
13. Hale To The King – Jonah Whale 2:59
14. Jake La Motta – Justin Mark Briggs 4:18
15. Diggin Graves – Burning Yesterday 2:43
16. Calling To Winston Churchill – Transient Wake 4:00
17. Forever And A Day – Polygon 3:35
18. Come and Take It – Transient Wake 4:59