Covert Entertainment & Soundworks New Release ‘Suspicious Packages #2’

“Suspicious Packages 2” is an EP that contains a lot of artists that came together to give one a nice blend of urban music, passionate beats and a West Coast flow that is representative of everything that is good about that side of the US. In fact, Dwayne “Muffla” Simon was one of the forerunners of Hip Hop in America. What you get from this album is a nice blend of solid sounds that have amazing hooks that are representative of vintage Hip Hop.

The beats are also solid and well-produced and contributing well to the melodies on the track. One thing you can notice immediately is that Dwayne “Muffla” Simon sticks to his time-tested formula of crazy basslines, impressive drums and keyboard works that engage the listener. You can feel the melodies and the rhythms that are involved in the tracks. Muffla is popular for being a wonderful songwriter, producer and music arranger for popular mainstream artistes like LL Cool J, Run DMC and even Ice Cube. If you remember the original L.A. Posse, then you will be able to tell that Muffla brings the same intensity and magic to “Suspicious Packages 2” as he always has.

The tunes on this album are laid back, cool lyrics and bars that are very enjoyable. The rap tunes are fierce and even though it is Muffla’s first production album in almost two decades, the impressive quality is still timeless. You don’t exactly get a 1990’s feel from the album but you can tell that it’s good old LA vibes. The lyrics talk about many feelings, emotions and captivating story lines that are easy to relate to.

The selection of tracks is also quite resilient and you will find yourself listening to the album several times. The choices made on the album may not be the most revolutionary, but you can easily sit back and enjoy this album with a cool bottle of beer, chill and enjoy your evening with friends.

Most importantly, Dwayne “Muffla” fulfils his goal of producing an album that is replayable, long lasting and has the potential to be a long time classic that many generations can enjoy. You can find the album on all the major music streaming channels online like iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other independent distributors.