The Pro DJ Career Path: How to Make It Happen

Wanting to become a professional DJ is one thing – making it happen is something else entirely. You’ve bagged the latest Denon DJ Prime 4 Controller on a good DJ finance deal, you’ve got a bunch of tracks ready to share with the world and you’re practically exploding with enthusiasm.

The question being – what next?

Every professional DJ journey to fame and glory is unique. Nevertheless, there are certain steps you can take to improve your chances of making it.

Specifically, there are six key things you’ll need to do along the way, which are as follows:

1. Stay Tuned

By this, we mean remain right on the cutting edge of the genre and culture you’re interested in. You need to know what’s making waves, who’s making them, where, why, when and so on. You can’t expect to become part of the culture if you don’t first fully understand it. Commit yourself to the cause and stay tuned at all times.

2. Buy Software and Equipment

In the early days, you may need to consider a DJ financing package to fund those all-important purchases. On the plus side, the latest gear on the market is built to go the distance. So whether you spend £500 or £5,000, you’ll be looking at a long-term investment in your future career. Rather than buying direct from one or more specific brands, speak to an independent retailer for their recommendations to suit your requirements and budget.

3. Take a Class

Your talent as a DJ may be undeniable, but this doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to make sense of the latest software packages. Likewise, your studio recording skills may be subpar. Chances are, there’s something about your professional profile that could stand to be stepped-up. In which case, it’s worth considering taking a class of some sort. If you can’t commit to traditional classroom-based education, there are thousands of excellent online courses available. Some of which even lead to endorsed certification, which could also prove helpful.

4. Get Your Demo Together

Talk is one thing – demonstrating your talent is another. As far as promoters and club bosses are concerned, it’s your demo that does the talking. Hence, you need to produce a demo that’s guaranteed to blow the minds of anyone lucky enough to hear it. If there’s anything amateurish about your demo, you can forget about it.

5. Market Yourself Like Crazy

Online and offline, you need to treat yourself and your music as products for sale. Or in other words, you need to promote and market everything you do as aggressively as possible. Competition is ferocious and a passive approach will do you no good. Capitalise on every opportunity to market and promote your work to the widest possible audience.

6. Get as Much Experience as Possible

The more practice you can get playing to a live audience, the better. For one thing, you never know who might be watching and listening at the time. Likewise, any opportunity to bring even a handful of new fans and followers on board can only be a good thing. Plus, there’s no better way of taking your performance skills to the next level than by practicing relentlessly.

7. Be Patient and Tenacious

Last but not least, successful DJ careers don’t just manifest overnight. It takes time, effort, patience and tenacity to turn a passion for music into a rewarding career. Gauge your expectations realistically and anticipate setbacks, rather than expecting an easy ride. However talented you may be, you’ll still be looking at one serious fight to climb your way to the top.