New Video By Bernard Hyppolite “American Dream”

The American perspective is truly personal from the eyes of an immigrant, and Bernard Hyppolite sings about his point of view as a Haitian-American. Deeply bounded to his cultural roots, Hyppolite uses Haitian influences in his music. In each song, highlights his people and his homeland. His past tracks “Ayiti” and “That Vendor” portrayed the authenticity and honest struggles of Haitians and how they overcome them. One of his biggest influences is religion, making references to faith in almost every song.

In the new track “American Dream,” Hyppolite narrates the story of a farm worker in Haiti struggling to provide for himself and his pregnant wife. The man longingly stares at a poster of an American city skyline, dreaming of a better life that he hopes America will provide. An animation takes over and makes his dream come true, sweeping away the dreamer and his wife on a boat with others headed to the promise land along with a mysterious “peasant”. What will he find on this journey?