Carlos Morgan releases “Have A Little Faith””


Carlos Morgan is an artist that will move your soul on his new single “Have A Little faith,” while it turns you onto someone you won’t find anywhere but Toronto, CA. But that is ultimately bound to change once this single gets airplay, and it will get airplay as a one hundred percent certainty. This great singer deserves to be heard everywhere, not just around his own music mecca, which most Canadian cities are, but most around the world are missing out on unless they go there and listen to the radio and go see live music. Morgan is one of top notch quality doing so, and it should spread like wildfire everyone else.

In 2015, he won the Best R&B/Soul Song & Video at The 2015 Akademia Music Awards for “Just Jane” and that is a reputable accolade I am very familiar with a ceremony in southern California, and it’s something to achieve for any artists these days. He also “Best Male R&B Artist” and the “Role Model Certificate of Recognition” @ The “2014 Black Canadian Awards”.  Along with won first place for the John Lennon “Gots 2 Luv U” Songwriting Contest the year prior. These are just a few points about Morgan who should be further researched as an asset to any playlists going around the internet and into the stores of the world.

The Canadian music scene isn’t well known everywhere, so it might be a great idea to explore it through a musical microscope if you can, because if more R&B artists like this exist, it makes all the sense in the world to go find it. Most of the music everywhere isn’t coming to the community, the community has-to go look it up and take more time just to find such outstanding music by such quality musicians. This song and this artist provide hope that music can come back as strong as ever, as long-as you follow the dots to find it. It’s up to listeners, but it’s out there and this is the only way to come by it at any convenience.

His voice will heal you if you make it through the first outing, and the rest of what Morgan has to offer is a must go-to, it just does not get any better than this for all mature audiences, as well as the younger generation demanding this type of thing which most can agree is missing all too mush of. I would not hesitate to get fully into what Morgan is cooking up, because it is as tasty as they come, especially if you love ballads.

You get a tremendous amount of integrity to the original soul groups of the past, along with a modern, cutting edge appeal that won’t quit. You cannot ask for more than that and what it comes with, it’s so easy to agree once you get into “Have A Little Faith” and find even more from there. All you have-to do is check it and see, it’s hot to trot and that is a mild description if there ever was one.


Gwen Waggoner