The Beekeepers New Single ‘Roots Run Deep’

With a quiet intimate quality, the Beekeepers explore a bright and sunny serenity with the pitch-perfect folk musings of “Roots Run Deep”. Rather brilliant they create a whole world to get lost in, one with such vivid color. The patience that persists throughout shows off their highly poetic lyricism. Existing out of time and place, the Beekeepers sing the most honeyed sort of intersection between a weathered rustic folk with small nods to the late 60s folk spirit. Little flourishes, the inclusion of so many instruments in such a restrained way helps to give the piece an aura of pure bliss.

“Song is about the idea that some things such as mental illness are simply too deep-rooted to change and because of that, we are meant to be forgiven and our mistakes to be washed away.” – The Beekeepers

Gentle guitar introduces the piece. Small flourishes of toy box melodies intermingle within the great tapestry. By far the true soul comes from the poignancy of the lyrics which have their naturalistic imagery. Highly pastoral they let the work have a bright airiness to it with every single little moment becoming fully and completely magnified. Over the course of the track their vocals grow in intensity and power. This may be the piece’s true joy, its ability to evolve in almost an imperceptible fashion. For the final stretch it feels akin to Joyce’s “Riverrun” as the song moves back to the beginning in the best possible way as the warmth becomes fully immersive and outright lovely.

On “Roots Run Deep” the Beekeepers delve into a shimmering stream of consciousness approach with a sound that breathes with tremendous life and vigor.

The BeeKeepers single is out now @ and CDbaby – and all major digital outlets.