Precision Agriculture – How Agricultural GPS Works

Precision farming is a concept that has become increasingly frequent and common in plantations and crops around the world. The reason for this popularization of such a specific technique for plant nutrition and development is its ability to increase the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the investments that can be made.

One of the various techniques of precision agriculture, which has become common with the advancement of technology use in rural production, is the use of agricultural GPS. In this article we will talk a little more about this subject, presenting its main characteristics and benefits of its use. Check out!

Agricultural GPS: what is it?

Agricultural GPS is nothing more than the GPS technology – Global Positioning System – used for the benefit of nutrition techniques and development of a plantation of any scale. The GPS relies on the help of 24 satellites positioned in the orbit of the globe, allowing specific devices to translate positioning information provided by these devices located almost 20,000 km from Earth. Anyway, GPS has produced many applied technologies. Click here for more info.

Although initially developed for military purposes and currently used extensively by devices and applications that demand this positioning information for a variety of situations (route mapping, for example), agriculture has benefited from the benefits of this technology to improve its production techniques.

How does this technique help the professional who works in the field?

Agricultural GPS helps professionals working on a plantation by making a complete mapping of the area used for production, allowing them to have a global view of the actions that are taken in that environment. It allows the farmer not to walk the length of his plantation to be able to follow the development of the plants and the results of his harvest, since he will have this mapping complete on a screen of a specific device – and live. GPS technology along with Internet technology has drastically changed human life. In fact, with the help of the Internet, making transactions on gold or silver is much easier. We can buy gold or silver from Sprott Money without having to leave our comfortable room.

What are the benefits offered by the use of agricultural GPS?

The agricultural GPS is capable of providing several benefits to the rural producer, which is a consequence of this ability to map the entire plantation environment with the use of only a few devices. We cite some of its advantages below:

No internet or phone required to function

Because GPS is a satellite system, it does not require you to have an internet or phone signal to map your entire production field. This allows even locations with great communication difficulties to be able to make an important mapping of their space.

Generating maps

GPS also allows you to generate maps of your productive environment, to use in meetings with your field team or even to develop strategies with the help of this information.

Ability to identify sites that have already been sprayed

When the GPS is connected with a sprayer, it is possible to identify on the map produced by it, the points that have already undergone this strengthening process, preventing you from using the product at the same point in your crop.

Simple and easy to follow installation

The agricultural GPS is a product of simple installation and use considered practically intuitive, since we are more and more accustomed to the use of these systems of location in our day to day.

Have you ever heard of the agricultural GPS system before? Share your doubts and opinions about it! GPS does not provide you with a static map, but rather an opportunity to track your entire production area in real time, allowing you to act with corrections and actions immediately after identifying the problem.