Furniture for beauty salon: 6 tips when choosing

If you are setting up your beauty salon and have already found a perfect spot for the rental, it is time to define what furniture will make up the new space. Among the items that will be evaluated before and during the purchase of furniture for beauty salon, you will need to analyze points such as: budget, quality, functionality and the practicality of these furniture for your business.

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We detail everything in the topics below so you know how to choose the best furniture for your beauty salon. Check it now!

Find out what services you will perform

Before choosing the beauty salon furniture that will be part of your establishment, know what services will be provided there. It may seem obvious, but it is not. Each service performed in the beauty salon must be done with the appropriate equipment and furniture so that the professionals carry out their duties in good working conditions. In the same way that the professionals will work in the necessary conditions and the customers will also have the same sensation.

Choose furniture by following the beauty salon layout

Now that you know what beauty salon furniture you need, it’s time to look for them following the salon layout concept. If the salon has a more retro feel, furniture should follow this line. The same goes for other decorating trends.

Cote the value of the furniture and see fit the budget

The challenge will be to fit the value of the beauty salon furniture into your budget. Look for partnerships with brands specialized in the manufacture of these furniture and negotiate deadlines and payment methods. The more budgets you have, the greater your bargaining power with suppliers. If you buy used furniture, make sure it is sent in a safe condition. If you are hesitant to use ordinary shipping services, use special moving services such as Bekins Moving Solutions.

Choose functional furniture for a day to day running

The choice of furniture for beauty salon must take into account the dynamics of the environment, which involves speed and practicality. Functional furniture is best taken advantage of, since everything that is difficult to deal with or to deal with is left out. The beauty of the furniture should be taken into account, yes, but it can’t be only that characteristic of it.

At the reception, place a workbench that supports all the equipment that will be needed in the routine of those who will attend the clients: computer, telephone, printer, card machine and even a showcase, if you market products. Storage spaces such as towels and shampoos should be practical and easily accessible to avoid waiting for customers. You can also have auxiliary trolleys to transport and store the most commonly used materials, such as nail polish, brushes and dryers.

Consider the facility for cleaning furniture

As the beauty salon is a space where people take care of themselves, keeping it sanitized should be rule number one. Even in this aspect the salon furniture needs to collaborate. Easy-to-clean furniture stays clean longer, so choose those with no creases and details that can accumulate dust and hair strands.

Create an environment that provides warmth and comfort

In addition to the features already mentioned in the other topics; consider the comfort of your customers and your team of employees. To keep the room temperature in a stable and comfortable condition, make sure your salon has a good Heat-Line system. When everyone works and is treated with warmth and comfort, the mood is lighter and the motivation stays high.