Moe Green’s Eye Releases Single “Who’ll Take Me Home”

Moe Green’s Eye plays with heart and soul on the powerful “Who’ll Take Me Home”. Offering a poignant look at the downside of social media the glamour alongside the fading away, it all has a tremendous power to it. Lyricism focuses upon the loss of youth, of how youth is so fleeting, yet it has become a true commodity. While all certainly enjoy a degree of love from their earlier halcyon days, a select few bank upon it and milk it for every single moment they can. Upon the loss of that youth (because nobody keeps it forever) there is simply a gnawing sensation that comes from the stark realization that things can never be that way again.




With just the right kick from the drums the piece begins in an incredible fashion. Everything about it works, from the twang of the guitar to the lived-in quality of the arrangement. Featuring the sound of a true classic the entire piece unfurls at its own pace. Outright refusing to be rushed the whole of the song dwells over the small details those that come to define a life. Full of an intense passion Moe Green’s Eye offers a glimpse at those who burst forth in a tremendous blaze before they burn out, wondering where all of that time went and thinking what they could have done differently.

On “Who’ll Take Me Home” Moe Green’s Eye offers a cautionary tale one that displays their uncanny storytelling ability.