Tips for decorating a space for yoga and meditation

Many people would love to have a space at home to do yoga, meditation or simply relaxation. Everyone knows the benefits these activities bring to health, balancing spirit, mind and body. Yoga, for example, helps you achieve and maintain good health; relieves respiratory diseases and back pain; aids in weight loss and digestive disorders; improves the cardiovascular system, the functioning of the endocrine glands and can be used as supportive therapy for numerous diseases.

It also benefits the nervous system and the brain. In addition, it gradually relieves or eliminates physical problems originating from psychic causes (psychosomatic diseases) and allows a sensible improvement of the aesthetic condition and body definition, without increasing muscle mass. It is excellent for enhancing intellect, concentration and memory, enhancing and enhancing self-esteem, self-image and willpower, improving the way we relate to ourselves, others and the world, provides relief from stress, enables us to get in touch with the actual expression of our latent potential, and ultimately provides self-knowledge and inner peace. Not bad, right?

Meditation, like yoga, prevents future stress and releases the stress accumulated in the system. Physically lowers blood pressure; lowers blood lactate levels, reduces anxiety; decreases any tension related to pain such as headaches, ulcer, insomnia, muscle aches and joint problems; increases serotonin production and many more. Also just a good thing.

Therefore, using an empty space one has at home for a yoga and meditation room can be a very healthy decision. But how to prepare and decorate this room or special room? It is necessary to pay attention to details such as ventilation, natural light, artificial light, type of floor, type of mat, presence of plants, choice of essential furniture and decoration that brings serenity. Follow our tips and set up your health corner. If you plan for very large constructions, you might need a service like Northern Mat & Bridge rig mat rentals.

Natural light

The large windows of this meditation and yoga room provide plenty of natural light, excellent for these practices and always more indicated. The design of Cactus Architecture and Urbanism, by the way, is perfect: not to mention the brick walls and the exposed wooden beams, which leave the environment more organic. The environment is simple, it only shows the minimum, avoiding distractions. Washers soften the artificial light, which allows maintaining the calm and the serenity in the space even at night.


It is always appropriate that the meditation and yoga room be well ventilated, moving the air of space continuously. In this room with a leaked roof and entrances without doors, one can practice yoga and meditation practically in the open air. The rustic environment, with wood and stone, is organic, therefore, in keeping with these practices. In the absence of the mat, the massage bed can be a good impromptu replacement. The presence of nature in the surroundings is conducive to entering the climate for the practices.

Plants and flowers

An environment of meditation and yoga benefits from the presence of plants and flowers because they bring life and energy from nature, which is a positive and powerful energy. So, decorate your yoga and meditation room with green plants such as low trees and shrubs, as well as with the most varied flowers. Just do not overdo it in quantity, as the energy of plants and flowers is very intense and can disrupt relaxation in the event of overeating. Also make sure that your room is free of odor and disturbs by applying the great sewage odor control.


Like everything in a geared up space of yoga and meditation, the floor should be organic. Thus, the room can have the floor lined with wood, as in the above environment. The wood is warm, simple and beautiful, matching everything. It is also important that, regardless of the floor chosen, it is non-slip, to avoid unnecessary accidents. If the choice falls on the wood, give preference to the lighter tones, to make the environment light.

Hopefully the above tips can be useful for you.